Jeff's Blog - Monday, October 6, 2014 - Palatine Hill

I think it's getting a little hotter, and still sunny. I spent a great day on the Palatine Hill and in the Roman Forum, seeing over half of what I wanted to see. My second planned Roman Forum day will now leave me part of a day to see other things. So I've been concerned about seeing the House of Augustus and House of Livia, both on the Palatine Hill. I've never been able to get into either place, and the House of Augustus has just finish a huge restoration because of the 2000th anniversary of his death, allowing it to open to the public. But all the web sites I've been reading say they are limiting it to 60 people per day, with advance reservations only, to avoid harming the site. None of them told me how to get such a reservation, and when I emailed my hotel ahead of time, and asked when I arrived, everyone seems to know nothing about the House of Augustus. What House of Augustus? So I entered at the Palatine Hill entrance to the archaeological sites as soon as it opened, expecting them to laugh at me, hoping to make a reservation for later in the week, and asked. They told me I had to go to a different entrance to get a ticket for the House of Augustus, which I went to, and there I easily got a ticket for a 9:15 entry. I really need to stop worrying someday. It was fantastic. There are so many rooms in superb shape now, such as the photo below. The House of Livia (apparently, his wife slept in a different house entirely, not just separate bedrooms, but then, she was a real bitch) was also quite spectacular. I spent a couple more hours on the Palatine, then spent the rest of the day in the Forum. Tonight, after this dinner, I'll go to the Janiculum Hill overlooking Rome that I was rained out of the other day at sunset. It'll be an interesting mix of subway, tram, and bus to get there, and to get back, all in the dark. Since rain is predicted for tomorrow, it'll be a museum day. That guarantees another sunny day in the upper 70s for the rest of Rome. But I have defeated her! Wednesday is my reservation at the Vatican Museum, so even if the rain is one day late, I'm covered.

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