About Jeff Bondono

I'm a retired computer programmer and ex-amateur-astronomer. Now I enjoy amateur photography, movies, music, some travel, and my wife and best friend, Paulette.

The vast majority of my photos are realistic and not photoshop creations. They are manipulated in Lightroom to make them look their best. Occasionally I remove a trash can or traffic cone from a photo, and sometimes I replace a bland sky with one I photographed at a different time, therefore my photos cannot be considered documentary photographs but are rather fine art photographs.

However I enjoy sometimes dabbling in photoshop to combine several of my images into one, or manipulating a photo beyond reality. When I publish such a photo, it's within an album labelled as 'abstract' in order to clearly label such a creation.

You can find me on Facebook or Flickr, and I belong to the Eastside Camera Club.

I hope you enjoy my photos and other content on my web page. If you want to contact me, send me an email.

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