Jeff's Blog - Sunday, October 2, 2016 - Tripoli, Kapsia Cave, Argos and Nafplion

I left my hotel early this morning, at 7:30, so I'd be able to see the 3 sights I've planned on my way to the seaside resort town of Nafplio, where I'll sleep for the next three (!) nights. Each site closes at 3PM, so I figured an early start was called for. The first stop, the Archaeological Museum in Tripoli, was downright weird. I enjoyed this small and deserted museum, but had a person shadowing me with each step I took. He walked into each room I walked into and stayed no further than 20 feet from me. At one point I had some fun and walked from one room to the next and back again and forward again to watch him be sure I wasn't spitting on the statues or anything. Funny thing is that there were video cameras in each room - maybe they're broken?

Next stop was Kapsia Cave, and on the way I noticed the quirky "Agia Foteini" church, my photo for today, which mixes several periods of architectural styles. It wasn't open, but I had some fun photographing it from lots of odd angles.

When my GPS told me to turn onto a gravel and dirt road for the next 2 miles to reach the Kapsia Cave (I don't know whether that was the last 2 miles or not) to get to the cave, my recently acquired fear of driving in Greece took over and I turned back. I've had enough of being stranded and am gunshy.

My next stop, the highly regarded Archaeological Museum in Argos, was locked with a sign stating it was closed for renovation. I've never been able to access their web site - maybe that should have told me something. I also tried to see the Roman Ruins in Argos. The GPS coordinates I'd noted for this took me to the foot of a long stairway upward (I counted 227 steps on the way back down). Though there was no sigh, I took it on faith and climbed these stairs in the 1PM heat, but all I saw at the top was a tall hill to climb with nothing obvious at the top, and frankly, I just wasn't up to it. So I wringed out my shirt, drove on to Napflio and enjoyed a nice shower, a nice long conversation with my wife, my view of the bay, and now a beer at a shady sidewalk cafe. Tonight I'll walk to one the seafood restaurants on the waterfront. Just a day to unwind a little before my trip to the ruins at Tiryns and the Theater at Epidavros tomorrow. (n.b. after looking at a google map of Argos, I see that if I'd walked 100 feet to the right instead of climbing those steps, I'd have seen the Roman ruins in Argos. I zigged when I should have zagged.)

After my beer and fish (yes, a whole fish with head and bones), I photographed this cruise ship docked in the harbor at Nafplio, Greece.

Here's my journey thus far (but you must omit that trip to E=Messene, and put G=Elliniko before the backtrack to F=Temple of Apollo).
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