How to Buy a Print of my Photo

I display some of my prints in local restaurants. If you'd like to buy one of my prints, the process is easy.

Just go to any photo printing web site you prefer, such as Printique. There you can select the size, paper/canvas/metal type, etc. and see the price they'll charge and shipping fees. Typically my photos are in 3:2 aspect ratio, so appropriate sizes would be 12x8, 18x12, 27x18 and 36x24. Then send me an email with the filename you'd like printed, the printing service you want to use, and the ordering details, including your address. I'll be sure the photo you select will look good at the size print you're ordering, then I'll create the order on your behalf at the printing site you've chosen with the options you've asked for. The price will be whatever the printing service charges (including shipping charges), plus $40 which goes to me. After receiving payment via Paypal at, I'll create the print order for you and supply the file to the printing service. They'll ship the print directly to you.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call me or send me an email.