Beebe School, Fayette Township, Hillsdale County, Michigan

Location: 41.95443, -84.78066, in Preston's Gaslight Village (which might be closed - check status before visiting), at 8651 W Chicago Rd, Allen, MI.

Beebe School was built in 1890 and was located north of Hillsdale, in Fayette Township. At some point it was moved to its current location in Preston's Gaslight Village, between Hillsdale and Quincy. I could find no other information about this schoolhouse. At its present location, it is a wood-frame structure, painted brown with white trim. There are 3 large windows on each side to let in light, and a cloakroom in the front with one centered door and two side windows. There is no bell tower.

Beebe School (1890), now in Preston's Gaslight Village at 8651 W Chicago Road (US-12), Allen, Michigan, originally located north of Hillsdale, Michigan

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