Freiberger School, Austin Township, Sanilac County, Michigan

Location: 43.62359, -82.91693, at the northeast corner of Freiburger Rd and Cumber Rd.

Freiberger School (Graded School District No 1, Austin Twp) was a two-room schoolhouse built of yellow brick on a concrete foundation. It was an L-shaped building with a prominent arched vestibule covering the front door near the corner, and a classroom running down each leg of the L, each with four large windows. One of the windows in each classroom has been converted to an emergency-exit door. The bell-tower still stands above the vestibule and front door, but no longer holds a bell. Decorative brickwork arches are above each window, and the front vestibule features a massive 3-row arch of bricks. It appears that during September of 2022 the building is being restored.

My friend, Glen Suszko, pointed this schoolhouse out to me. Thanks for that, Glen. His family member who recently died went to this school in the 1950s.





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