Pink School, Columbus Township, St Clair County, Michigan

Location: 42.85085, -82.63736, at 8015 Gratiot Ave.

Pink School now houses Superior Heating and Cooling (as of 2017). It's a rectangular wood-frame structure with a centered front door, a large window on either side of it, a small window on either side of those. Both sides of the building have 3 large windows, and there are 2 in the back. None of the windows or doors are decorated. A faux bell tower is present but no school bell remains. A long and thin building (not attached to the schoolhouse) has been added in the back as, presumably, a workshop.

Pink Schoolhouse, at 8015 Gratiot Ave in Columbus Township, Saint Clair County, Michigan, now houses Superior Heating and Cooling

A woman kindly emailed me during 2023 telling me that she graduated from Pink School in 1966, and the school closed after that graduation. She told me that the school's story tells that they didn't have enough red barn paint for the school, so they had to mix white with the bit of red they had, therefore it was named Pink School after it's paint color. She sent me the photo below. But she also had bad news for me: the school was torn down during 2021 or 2022 since Superior Heating and Cooling tried to sell the school but it would have cost too much to move it, and Columbus Township didn't want it. Here's an article about the desire to save the school, which apparently failed. So unfortunately, another of these gems is now gone.


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