Pleasant Lake School, Freedom Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan

Location: withheld since this is now a private residence.

I happened upon this schoolhouse, which is now a private residence, while driving from one schoolhouse to the next. It's a rectangular red-brick schoolhouse, with 3 large windows on each side, and a roof over the front door. One of the side windows was removed to make a small wood addition to the structure. There is no bell tower and no sign identifying the schoolhouse name or date of construction.

I was originally unable to find any information about this schoolhouse, including it's name, but a kind man sent me information about it, showing photos of the children attending the school in 1893 and 1912, standing in front of the school, and showing the name of the school.

About 2.5 miles east of the school stood the Pleasant Lake Inn, originally called the Pleasant Lake House, a saloon and grocery store built and originally owned by Jacob Lutz on the north side of Pleasant Lake.

A schoolhouse converted into a residence
A schoolhouse converted into a residence

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