Movies marked as (subtitled) have a sound track in a language other than English. I've marked them in this way because a lot of people don't want to have to read subtitles while trying to watch and understand a movie, so if that's you, here's a marker for the movies to avoid. But just think about all the great movies you're missing if you avoid these movies. Think about taking the best 100 American movies and throwing away half of them just because they have too much blue in them. That's what's happening if you throw away all the non-English films on a best-of list like this. Plus, you'll miss a great chance to learn about how people live and think in other places and times (see Rashomon or Il Postino or Wild Tales), what the rest of the world has experienced (see The Bicycle Thieves), how the rest of the world looks (see The Great Beauty), how Hollywood has copied the rest of the world (see The Seven Samurai or Purple Noon or La Jetee), and how truly inventive the rest of the world can be (see Last Year at Marienbad). OK, end of rant, please hit your browser's back button now.