Jeff's Favorite Jazz Music

I really like the complex harmonies of Jazz Music. I find that I like the type of Jazz called Fusion most of all. It's sort of a blend between Progressive Rock and more standard Jazz. I've listed my 30-or-so favorite albums, each with a YouTube link so you can listen to a sample for free, and an Amazon link so you can buy the album if you'd like to. I make no money on this; I don't care where you like to buy your music. I just hope that if you do enjoy some album or another, you support the artist and enjoy the better sound quality by buying it.

If you find any broken links or items that are no longer available to buy, please email so I can fix or update the link.

Anyhow, instead of talking further about the music, here is a list of my favorite Jazz albums.

My three absolute favorite Jazz albums

Fusion, in Alphabetical Order

Non-Fusion, in Alphabetical Order

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