A Tourist in Rome - Antoninus Pius

Birth:September 19, 86 AD
Death:March 7, 161 AD (natural causes)
Emperor:138 AD - death

Antoninus Pius was a just and effective emperor. He preferred to remain in Rome and let other generals fight the campaigns against outside threats. He spent little on public works, initiating few of his own, but completing what had been started by Hadrian. In preparation for the succession, he married his adoptive son Marcus Aurelius to his daughter. He was buried in Hadrian's Mausoleum, today known as Castel Sant'Angelo, after a peaceful death. The Temple he had built in the Roman Forum in 141 AD to his deified wife Faustina was rededicated as the Temple of the deified Faustina and the deified Antoninius. The Column of Marcus Aurelius was, at one time, thought to be the Column of Antoninus Pius, but that column has been lost forever.

Antoninus Pius, in the Capitoline Museum
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