A Tourist in Rome - Esquiline Hill

Location:41.89327, 12.49510 East-northeast of the Colosseum
Time:about 45 minutes
Hours:Viewable at any time

The Esquiline Hill is the highest and largest of the Seven Hills of Rome but is only obvious to see from a few points since it is so large. The entire hill runs from the Colosseum to Santa Maria Maggiore and east to beyond Porta Maggiore. This encompasses the Monti and Esquiline neighborhoods of Rome. The Esquiline Hill has three three summits. The southern summit is east-northeast of the Colosseum and is mainly filled by the public park named Parco Oppio since this summit is called the Oppian Hill. This is where my photos of the Esquiline Hill were taken. The northern summit is called the Cispian Hill, upon which Santa Maria Maggiore stands. The western summit, called the Fagutal Hill, is the part of the Esquiline Hill dominated by St. Peter in Chains.

Sights on the Oppian peak of the Esquiline Hill include remains of the Baths of Trajan (1st photo below), and the Domus Aurae of Nero (currently closed to the public, 2013). Other nearby sights are the Colosseum, the Ludus Magnus, and San Clemente. As you head north away from the Oppian summit, sights include St. Peter in Chains, Santa Maria Maggiore, Santa Prassede and many of the sights on my Southeastern Sights Walking Tour.

An exedra from the Baths of Trajan, on the Esquiline Hill
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The spot that I selected for my panorama from the Esquiline Hill, shown below, is facing south from the Oppian Summit.

Panorama facing south from the Oppian summit of the Esquiline Hill
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