A Tourist in Rome - Fosse Ardeantine

Location:41.85726, 12.51052 Near the Catacombs of San Callisto on the Appian Way, at the intersection of Via di Sette Chiese and Via Adreantina
Metro:Bus #118 from Circo Massimo
Time:about 20 minutes
Hours:Monday - Friday 8:15 AM - 3 PM, Saturday - Sunday 8:15 AM - 4:30 PM

The Fosse Ardeantine massacre was a mass execution of 335 Italians carried out by German occupation troops during the Second World War on March 24, 1944 as a reprisal for a bomb attack on German forces near the Spanish Steps the day before which killed 32 German soldiers. This site, at the caves where the massacre occurred, was declared a Memorial Cemetary and National Monument. Be careful if you go here; it is not permitted to sit within this site and this Tourist in Rome got in trouble when he did so, resting while trying to read-up on the history of this site and what it represents.

Fosse Ardeantine
See all Fosse Ardeantine photos.
Fosse Ardeantine
See all Fosse Ardeantine photos.
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