A Tourist in Rome - Fountain in Piazzale Caffarelli

Location:41.89294, 12.48174 in Piazzale Caffarelli, around the right side of the Palazzo dei Conservatori on the Capitoline Hill (when you face the front of the Palazzo)
Time:10 Minutes
Hours:Viewable at any time

The Fountain in Piazzale Caffarelli is a modern fountain on the Capitoline Hill. Just make a right turn as soon as you reach the top of the stairway up to the Campidoglio, walking along the right side of the Palazzo dei Conservatori (the entrance building of the Capitoline Museum) and you'll soon reach Piazzale Caffarelli, a small piazza (actually, more like a terrace) paved with small stones, with this fountain in the center. The fountain has a warrior on the top that reminds me a bit of the Sabine Warrior associated with the Lacus Curtius in the Roman Forum. Beneath that is a copper (?) cone, where water bubbles out the top and flows down the cone into a round basin at ground level. The view from this terrace is quite nice, including a the beautiful view of the Theatre of Marcellus and the Temple of Apollo Sosianus in the second photo below.

The fountain at the center of Piazzale Caffarelli, on the right side of the Palazzo dei Conservatori
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The view of the Theatre of Marcellus from the Piazzale Caffarelli
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