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Roman Holiday is my favorite movie which was set in Rome. Joe (Gregory Peck), a newspaper reporter, stumbles upon the Ann (Audrey Hepburn), a princess who has grown tired of her regimented life and has escaped her palace for the night. Joe thinks he can get a front-page story out of this and enlists the help of his photographer friend, Irving (Eddie Albert) to catch the scoop of the century. Although she knows she should get back to her duties in the morning, Joe convinces Ann to take a day off and have some fun in Rome. Of course, they fall in love, while we're falling in love with both them and Rome and the fairy-land day they have together. The following day, after returning to her palace and her duties, she holds a press conference in a magnificent marble-and-glass baroque ballroom to explain that she's recovered from her "illness". I don't want to spoil any endings, just go watch this movie and enjoy 2 hours of your life. The three photos below are some places in Rome that were used as sets in the movie.

A party boat on the Tiber, across from Castel Sant'Angelo
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The Mouth of Truth (Bocca della Verita), on the porch of Santa Maria in Cosmedin
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Palazzo Colonna, the site of the last scene in Roman Holiday (not my photo)
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