A Tourist in Rome - Load Up Your iPod with the Roman Trilogy

If you like classical music, you need to put Respighi's Roman Trilogy on your iPod for a trip to Rome. This lushly orchestrated set of three four-movement tone poems features Ottorino Respighi's evocations of twelve places in or near Rome, 4 places per poem. The three tone poems, and their year of composition are The Fountains of Rome (Fontane di Roma), 1915, The Pines of Rome (Pini di Roma), 1924, and Roman Festivals (Feste Romane), 1928. However, I think the best order to listen to them in is Festivals, Fountains, then Pines. Together, they're about 1 hour long. I recommend most highly the performance by the Orchestra dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia (Rome), conducted by Daniele Gatti, recorded Oct 14-16 1996, on Conifer 75605 51292 2. Second best is the Boston Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Seiji Ozawa, on DG 415 846-2.

Roman Festivals features these 4 movements:

The Fountains of Rome features these 4 movements:

The Pines of Rome features these 4 movements:

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