Part 11: Roman Forum Sites

#9.1: Rostra

#11.3: Umbilicus Urbis Romae and Mundus: This site is the Rostra of Caesar where his body was laid out and Marc Antony made his famous speech. This is a photo of Julius Caesar's Rostra. It is the slightly curved ruin on the left, what you see is the concrete core which would have been marble-faced. You can see a small section of this marble facing at the far end along with some of the decorative marble remains placed on top. Note: the width of this rostra where the speaker(s) would stand it's only about 1 m wide for the entire length. Later Augustus built-over this rostra and extended it 10 m (the ruins on the right) so it was now more like a stage. This is best viewed from the other side next to the Arch of Septimius Severus.

#19: Temple of Julius Caesar: The spot where Julius Caesar's body was cremated and later this temple was built there.

#22: Regia: The official office of the Pontifex Maximus which Caesar was since 62 BC right up until his death.

#26: Domus Publica: This was the home of the Pontifex Maximus where Julius Caesar lived, he walked out his doorway on the Ides of March and his body was carried back to his house a few hours later by his three slaves.

More info on the layout of the Domus Publica are in these sections:

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