A Tourist in Rome - Hadrian

Birth:January 24, 76 AD
Death:July 10, 138 AD (heart failure)
Emperor:117 AD - death

Hadrian, also of Spanish origin, succeeded Trajan but brought a vastly different outlook to the empire. He had served in the Dacian Wars under Trajan, but realized the empire could not defend itself if it kept on expanding, and he stopped the expansion and defined permanent borders to the empire, using Rome's military to strengthen those borders. He travelled extensively throughout the empire, traveling during 13 of his 21 years in power, and he was one of the most prolific builders in history, creating Hadrian's Wall in Brittain, Hadrian's Villa in Tivoli, the Pantheon, Hadrian's Mausoleum, today known as Castel Sant'Angelo, the Temple of Divine Trajan and the Temple of Venus and Rome to name but a few. He was fond of all things Greek. Hadrian was in love with a beautiful young man named Antinous, who drowned in the Nile while saving Hadrian's life.

Hadrian, in the National Museum of Rome - Palazzo Massimo
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Hadrian, in the Palatine Museum
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Hadrian, in the museum in Ostia Antica
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