Jeff's Blog - Monday, September 29, 2014 - Pompeii

It was another beautiful day today, this one in Pompeii, upper 70's, full sun. I had a path mapped-out through the city (of course), with about 8 sites per hour, ordered, in my ipad, with full detailed descriptions of each captured from a great Pompeii web site before I came. I had marked about 4 or 5 per hour that I really wanted to see, and a few more in case I got ahead. As I looked through the list last night at supper I was pretty overwhelmed, wondering how I ever thought I could see all of this in the heat and lack of shade and sore feet. But somehow it turned out great because I spent about 10 hours in Pompeii today, saw about 40 sites, with about 10 others that I wanted to see but were closed. I saw all kinds of great buildings and wall paintings and temples and learned a lot, actually studying those downloaded pages and seeing for myself what they were explaining rather than just skimming the pages beforehand from at home. There were all kinds of favorites, but the most universally recognized as one of the treasures of ancient art is the Triclinium (dining room) at the Villa of the Mysteries, one wall of which is below. Tomorrow I'll see Herculaneum, the other main city buried under the ash of Vesuvius back in 79 AD, then take a bus up to near the peak of Mt. Vesuvius where I'll walk the rest of the way up to the crater, followed by a quick stop at Villa Poppea, another villa with some incredible frescoes, assuming there's some time and energy left. Also assuming that I manage to get on the correct trains and busses.

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