Jeff's Blog - Monday, October 3, 2016 - Tiryns and Epidavros

I had a fantastic day today despite the fact that the temperature reached the high 80's. I started off in an ancient Mycenaean fortress in Tiryns, which was built around 1200 BC. The stone walls were about 25-feet thick, and my first photo is of one of the galleries in the walls. The second photo is a better view of the immensity of these walls. They call them Cyclopean walls since they are so thick and built of such heavy boulders that only the mythical Cyclopes had the strength to move the enormous boulders into place. My next stop was the spectacular Theatre at Epidavros, from the 4th century BC. It has 55 rows of seats and can hold 14,000 people. The acoustics here are perfect due to the design and materials used. Very quiet sounds on the stage are easily heard from any seat in the house. I can verify that from my perch atop the theater I could easily here people on the stage. After climbing up the steps to the top of the theater to take these pictures, my vertigo set in and I had to climb down the hillside behind the theater to get back down.

After wandering the other ruins at the site I drove back to Nafplio and peeked into St. George's church which is quite ornate.

After supper I enjoyed a Grecian sunset, though to be honest, a typical Michigan sunset easily beats any of the Greek sunsets I've seen in my 9 days here so far.

So, I know you're just dying to see an updated map of my trip, which is getting quite messy now. Epidavros was the point furthest east, labelled C, and my home base for this region is the seaside resort of Nafplio, labelled D.
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