Jeff's Blog - Sunday, October 9, 2016 - Athens

Today I went to several smaller outdoor sites here in Athens: the Ancient Greek Agora (market/courthouse/downtown), the counterpart the Romans built, Hadrian's Library, and a few others. Not much to is left in these places; the barbarian invasions really leveled this city, even worse than they did to Rome. One highlight they left standing is the Temple of Hephaestus at the edge of the Greek Agora, which is the best preserved Ancient Greek temple in the world. Even the roof is still intact! During my walk back to the hotel I passed an interesting graffiti. From straight on, it's the bottom of a face on a wall of a building that's seen better days. But when viewed from the right angle, the side wall of the building next door completes the picture. I also passed a leave-your-keys parking lot where they were pulling some cars out to retrieve a woman's car for her. Between this, and the narrowness of the streets they park along and the way they drive through them, no wonder I rarely see a car without a few dings in it.

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