Jeff's Blog - Wednesday, October 12, 2016 - Santorini

I was up at 4AM, took a taxi to the airport because the subway opened too late for my 7AM flight to Santorini. The wind blew the plane around as we landed; it was quite scary but Captain Kangaroo landed the plane after several side-to-side bounces. Although I had a reservation, Avis told me they had no car for me. Luckily the Avance counter next door had one available (never heard of it, but hey, they had a car). I bought insurance this time :-). It's a sub-mini car, so maybe I can avoid hitting anything. Avis probably just refuses to rent me another car because of my driving record. First stop was a black-sand beach and a cup of coffee listening to the waves; this place is gorgeous. Next I found my hotel. It's across the street from the high-rent district facing the cauldera (see photos), but is a cheap, clean, multi-room suite with a nice pool, a balcony with a view, and a luxury shower! I took a long walk along the island ridge from my hotel into the town of Oia; jeez, this has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Santorini is an ancient volcano, mainly under water now except for the rim, and the flooded center might (or might not) be the Lost City of Atlantis. While walking, I scouted out the spots where I want to take my sunset photos. As it turns out, the sunset was pretty blah again, no clouds, but the blue-hour views over the cliffs of Santorini were everything I hoped for. What a stunning place this is. Lots of photos today. I hope you gain some enjoyment from my views of Santorini.

The final map of my adventure in Greece now includes the flight to Santorini.

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