Jeff's Blog - Friday, October 14, 2016 - Santorini

I started my last full vacation day by driving back into the town of Fira, riding the cable cars down the cliff again to the seaport, and taking a boat to the volcanic center of the cauldera, where we hiked up and up and up to two extinct craters and a third active crater which was venting steam, smelled sulfuric, and had rocks that were hot to touch. All very cool stuff. I learned that I lied to you yesterday.... ancient Santorini was not a mountain, but rather a flooded crater as it is today, except there was only one small opening in the ring during pre-historic times, whereas today it is only 2/3 of an arc with a couple islands along the other 1/3. Plus, the mountain in the center was much taller before the 1650 BC eruption. A quick dip in my hotel pool cooled me off, then I took a final walk into town along the ridge-o-high-end-shops to a very nice restaurant for my final supper in Greece. Tomorrow's agenda is a flight to Athens, then London, then Toronto, and a night in a hotel there before driving home on Sunday. I've had a great vacation after a rather rocky start, but it'll be great to get back home.

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