Jeff's Blog - Thursday, February 18, 2021 - How I Made My Congress Street Abstract Photo - ECC Education Presentation on Feb 18 2021

I spent December 2, 2018 photographing downtown Detroit. I came home with a bunch of images I liked out of the 200 photos I made that day, and within a month or two I combined five of those photos into a composite that I really liked a lot and showed at my Eastside Camera Club's meeting of February 2019. That photo is the one below.

A grungy Congress Street, Detroit, Michigan

I subsequently submitted that photo when the club was selecting 6 photos to print and display at the library where the camera club meetings are held, and it was selected as one of those 6 photos to print. A couple members asked me to show, at a club meeting, how I made that image, and I finally did so on February 18, 2021. Here is a video of the presentation I gave, explaining how I made that image.

Be sure to read my comments below the video; I make a few important corrections there.

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