A Tourist in Rome - Caligula

Birth:August 31, 12 AD
Death:January 22, 41 AD (assassinated)
Emperor:37 AD - death

Caligula was popular at the beginning of his reign and began as a noble and moderate ruler. But don't be fooled into thinking he was a great guy; he might have achieved power by murdering his grandfather, Tiberius. In any case, he quickly fell into a pattern of cruelty, sadism, extravagance and intense sexual perversity, gaining him a reputation as an insane tyrant. Although this reputation might not actually be justified and he might not as been as insane as he is portrayed, he did work to increase the personal power of the emperor and spent extravagantly on luxurious dwellings for himself. He was murdered by a conspiracy between the Praetorian Guard and the Roman Senate.

Places in Rome to see the contributions of Caligula:
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