A Tourist in Rome - Ponte Palatino

Location:41.88913, 12.47929 Bridge across the Tiber River, from near Santa Maria in Cosmedin to Trastevere
Metro:Circo Massimo and Bus #160, or see it on my To the Forum Boarium and Beyond Walking Tour instead
Time:about 10 minutes
Hours:Viewable at any time

The Ponte Palatino is an iron bridge across the Tiber River resting on 4 stone pillars which spans from near Santa Maria in Cosmedin to Trastevere. It was built between 1886 and 1890, when most of the Pons Aemilius was swept away by a flood. It is one of Rome's longest bridges (510 feet), but not one of its most picturesque ones. The name comes from the Palatine Hill nearby to the north. On the Palatine side of the bridge is the Forum Boarium (the area around Santa Maria in Cosmedin), and the outlet of the still functioning Cloaca Maxima can be found here. From the bridge, you can see the last remaining arch of the Pons Aemilius and Tiber Island.

Ponte Palatino is the bridge in the right third of this image
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Under Ponte Palatino
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Ponte Palatino, with Pons Aemilius in front of it on the right, and the outlet of the Cloaca Maxima behind it on the left, taken from on Ponte Fabrico
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