A Tourist in Rome - Fountain of the Tiaras

Location:Just outside the north colonnade of St. Peter's Square, to the right of the arch in the Passetto di Borgo
Metro:Ottaviano/San Pietro, then walk 10 minutes south
Time:about 5 minutes
Hours:Viewable at any time

Built in 1927 by Pietro Lombardi to express the history of the Borgo district, the Fountain of the Tiaras is a small travertine fountain with 6 streams of water flowing into 3 semicircular shell-shaped bowls, two flows for each bowl. The water flows from keys of Saint Peter mounted on three papal Tiaras at the top of the fountain. The arms of Rome and of the district Borgo are carved into the spaces between the keys. Pietro Lombardi was commissioned by the city to build 9 other fountains representing other districts, including the Fontana dei Monti and the Fountain of the Pine Cone.

Fountain of the Tiaras
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