A Tourist in Rome - Aqua Neroniano

Location:41.89104, 12.51437 At Porta Maggiore, 41.88517, 12.49580 Arcus Caelimontani, and 41.88710, 12.48963 the east edge of the Palatine Hill
Metro:Manzoni or Colosseo, located along my Southeastern Sights Walking Tour
Time:about 10 minutes each site
Hours:Viewable at any time

Aqua Neroniano or Aqua Caelimontani is a branch of the Aqua Claudia aqueduct which supplied water to the Aventine Hill, the palaces on the Palatine Hill and Trastevere. The branch was taken right before Aqua Claudia reached Porta Maggiore. From there it runs along Via Statilia, then westerly over ArcusCaelimontani near the church of Santo Stefano Rotundo. From there was a branch leading to the Aventine Hill, one leading to a distribution point at the Temple of Claudius, and a third short branch built by Domitian spanning the valley between the Caelian Hill and the Palatine Hill, which fed water to the imperial palaces.

Aqua Neroniano at Porta Maggiore
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Aqua Neroniano at the eastern edge of the Palatine Hill
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An arch of the Aqua Neroniano near Arcus Caelimontani
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