Detroit Historic Districts

The passage of Detroit Ordinance 161-H in 1976 formed the Detroit Historic District Commission to preseve historically, culturally or architecturally significant areas of the City of Detroit, which are designated by City Council as Local Historic Districts. The Detroit Historic District Commission has published this map of Detroit's Local Historic Districts and each district on that map is clickable, leading to a textual report about that district, its history, significance and buildings. I also link to those reports from each historic district page listed below.

The list of historic districts below includes those I've visited and photographed since 2015. The list will grow as I explore more of them and publish other photos I've already made. This is a living work-in-progress.

Each entry in the list links to a page which displays my photos from that historic district. Each photo can be clicked to expand it and display its caption, then clicked again to put it back into the page. Some brief descriptions, often copied from the reports mentioned above, accompany those photos. Links to other pages on the internet are also included when they show or explain things in more detail.

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